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Ian Maksin is coming out with a new album of his original music for solo cello inspired by jazz, world music and rock-n-roll. The album also includes several works Maksin has commissioned from award-winning composers Paul Yeon Lee Ilya Levinson, Seth Boustead as well as Ian Maksin's own rendition of Sting's all-time classic Fields of Gold. Download album on iTunes
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CHICAGO,  March 5, 8:30pm  

iAN&ANi DUO is back with a new program! Cellist Ian Maksin and pianist Ani Gogova are joining forces again for a new program comprised of some of the greatest works for cello and piano by Beethoven, Bloch, Bartok and Piazzolla. March 22, 3pm PianoForte Foundation 1335 S Michigan Ave


December 7, 2014, 19h00 

Ian Maksin performs live in Paris at Temple Passy, 19, rue Cortambert


URBAN SUITE by Ilya Levinson
In Blue
Different Colors of the Night

I met Ilya several years ago when I came to his composition class at Columbia College in Chicago to do a guest presentation on specifics of writing for the cello.  I gave Ilya a ride back to his home and we got to know each other a little bit.  Among other things he mentioned that he had recently written a piece for solo cello called “Prayer” and promised to send me a PDF file of it.  He did, and I loved the piece.  I decided to include it in my debut solo album “Solo Flight”, and after it came out, it became everyone’s favorite track.  I have been playing the Prayer in nearly every solo concert ever since.   I became good friends with Ilya and his family who turned out to be not only a gifted composer but an exceptional cook.  Subsequently, I commissioned more music from Ilya:  two pieces for my following album Tango Plus, Urban Suite for the current album, as well as a full concerto for cello and orchestra that has just been premiered in the fall of 2014.   Here’s what Ilya himself has to say about these pieces:
"I always lived in big cities, Moscow at first and now in Chicago.  The life never stops here, day or night there is always something going on; one just needs to learn to stop and start listening.  I was imagining what would one of the city-dwellers hear or feel during a typical sleepless night sometimes between 11 pm and 3 am. Rockin’: someone is practicing rock guitar late at night; will he/she ever stop? Different colors of the night: strange sounds and dreams floating around; is it an early dawn or lights of a police car? In Blue: loathing over broken dreams? Stop crying! It’s almost a dawn and its time for a coffee; the raising sun makes the coming day looking good!"