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Breaking boundaries both musical and geographical, cellist, composer and multi-lingual vocalist Ian Maksin has created and developed his own unique style by blending elements of different styles in a new way using his cello as the main unifying force. Equally brilliant in every genre in its pure form, from classical to jazz and blues, and from Latin to Balkan and Middle Eastern music, he can be seen performing a cello concert with a symphony orchestra one night and playing in a jazz club the following.  His passionate interpretations and soulful sound have generated a contagious universal and ever-growing appeal to diverse audiences across the world. Ian gives nearly 200 performances annually on all continents delivering the magical sounds to hundreds of thousands concert and digital listeners globally.

During the 2019 international tour season, Ian Maksin, backed up by Zaria Band (currently consisting of musicians from over 20 countries at different times) will share with the audience some of the latest additions to his already incredibly vast repertoire: songs in Arabic, Farsi and Georgian, as well as brand new original instrumental compositions inspired by his recent travels to countries in the Caucasus region as well as Eastern Siberia infused with elements of Georgian and Armenian folk music, as well as chants of shamans of Tuva and Mongolia. In 2019 he will also dedicate more space in his repertoire to classical compositions from J.S. Bach to contemporary music by living composers. 

Born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint-Petersburg, Russia) into a multicultural family, Ian Maksin began playing cello at age six at the Special School for Gifted Children at the Leningrad Conservatory and later continued at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, where he moved to at age seventeen on his own.  After many years working with several prestigious symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles in the classical realm, Ian chose a new musical path: exploring his own personal artistic voice by way of fusing styles and using all of the musical baggage that he had been collecting all of his life – from music of all sorts of genres that he listened to as a kid to blues and rock guitar skills that he acquired along with learning the cello, which allowed him to expand the capabilities of the cello in a completely new and unique direction.  Ian Maksin’s artistry goes well beyond concert halls, recordings and internet: he often performs at schools, foster care homes, retirement homes, hospitals and for other community outreach engagements. He also organizes projects and jam sessions with musicians from different corners of the world and with young aspiring artists.  According to Ian himself: “at some point I realized that music was much more than just a compilation of sounds for mere entertainment of both musician and listener, but something much bigger – a force capable of healing, inspiration, unity and reconciliation among people on a global scale.  I believe cello can save the world”. 

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